My First Blog Post (1979)

This page is the work of a guest blogger, of sorts. She’s me! I found this in a report I wrote in fifth grade. It’s about a field trip to a place called Lost Lake, near Fresno, California. It’s labeled as a rough draft. I think it may have been my first Words4Wildlife blog post! I hope the final version retained the humor.

To me, any part of nature is worth many pages, though often I find myself at a loss of words that describe the wonder and beauty of creation. Nature can be found all in all places, from the arid, beautiful desert, to the softly pounding ocean, to the cool, quiet forest. Even in the dirtiest metropolis you find flowers, trees, and animals in parks and other places set aside for the preservation of nature.

What I am writing about falls into the last category. Lost Lake, and our field trip to the surrounding area, has been set aside so that people like myself can try to observe, instead of abuse, nature. Lost Lake, I found, is not the most beautiful of the manmade lakes. In fact, I see no reason for it in nature except to hatch insect larvae. Birds and other insect-eating animals are the only things that need these pesty, blood-eating, disease-carrying insects.

Back to the field trip. We (my group, Mr. Peterson, and myself) were not able to observe the habits or homes of the beaver, our main reason for coming there. However, we were lucky enough to find two American badger holes, the remains of a ground squirrel (namely, the tail, the only thing left by the teeth and claws of the badger), several types of insects (of which I’m not too fond), and trees which Mr. Peterson pointed out.

All in all, it was an interesting field trip. I am glad I was able to attend.


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