About Julie Hammonds

When I was in college, my advisor asked me what I wanted to do with my degree in conservation and resource studies. “I’d like to wander around in the natural world taking pictures, then write about my experiences,” I said. “Nobody will ever pay you to do that,” he predicted.

Have you ever heard someone tell you your dream was impossible? What’s more delicious than proving them wrong? Now I’m the associate editor of a little wildlife magazine in Arizona, where I write about and photograph the natural world and its creatures. I also support other writers through my work as a freelance writing coach and editor.

This is a blog about my experiences, both “out there” tromping around in the deserts and mountains of my home state, and “in here” at my desk, where the work gets done and art is (sometimes) created. I’m here to share what I’ve learned and hear what you can teach me about writing, photography and editing. Together, let’s find better ways to express what we know about nature and the other creatures with whom we share this wonderful planet.

~Julie Hammonds


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  1. Hi Ms. Hammond, my name is Scotty- l am writing to you from Bend Oregon (on an iphone argh) . I lived in Flagstaff for 20 years, and worked all that time at a fire tower on the rim, and some firefighting, one fall two of us laid out the kachina trail. also worked several seasons on bald eagle nestwatch for AZ Game and Fish. Am responding to your blog re Everett Ruess. I was led to Veit Springs by the same account as you, the pickup ride from Pat Jenks. The place sounded familiar as Veit Ranch is my favorite spot on the Peaks. Ran into Pat Jenks up there in 93 or so, he and his wife were distressed because their cabin was gone. I remembered there is a cabin in that park in West Flagstaff, a small sign says it was relocated from Veit Ranch. I led Jenks and his wife down there, and it was indeed their cabin. They were quite moved, pointing out details they recalled. It was locked and it was Sunday so we couldn’t get in-through the crack i the door we coukd see it was storage. The cabin is probably still there. Do contact me if you like.

    1. Scotty, I’m so happy to hear from you, and what an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it. I am glad you were able to take Pat and his wife to their cabin, which is now in Thorpe Park next to Frances Short Pond. I think it’s still locked, and used for storage. I think Veit built the cabin himself, and Jenks used it when he lived there and later when the family visited from time to time; it’s a sturdy building. What else can you tell us about Veit Ranch, from your time living here? I would love to hear more stories from you!

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