Wildlife Advocates Oppose Pruitt Nomination

In its 93-year history, the Arizona Wildlife Federation has never actively asked for a “no” vote on a Cabinet nomination. That ended Jan. 23 in a joint announcement with the National Wildlife Federation in which both groups opposed the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Scott Pruitt’s record of litigation against the EPA and his disregard for science puts Arizona’s air, water, natural resources and public health at risk,” said AWF President Brad Powell. “Pruitt is not committed to finding new solutions to complex environmental issues and is ideologically opposed to the organization he is being asked to lead.”

These wildlife federations are not partisan organizations. Their members are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents. Their central mission is simple: to advocate for wildlife. These organizations have worked effectively in a bipartisan fashion for decades. They know that continued support for thriving wildlife populations and healthy habitats is—and must be—based on broad public support.

Now, they are mobilizing that support in a series of ads urging Arizonans to contact senators John McCain and Jeff Flake and request a “no” vote on Pruitt’s nomination.

AWF President Powell said, “The Arizona Wildlife Federation is the state’s oldest wildlife conservation organization. We were founded by hunters, anglers, and other wildlife enthusiasts in 1923 with a primary purpose of keeping politics out of wildlife management and ensuring that sound science provides the foundation for management decisions.” Sound science as the foundation for management is a central tenet of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation—it’s how we Americans manage our abundant and valuable wildlife. This solid system relies on positive, bipartisan action. In these challenging times, when causes we can agree on sometimes seem few and far between, here’s one: Let’s find the right leader for the EPA.

Read the statement from the Arizona Wildlife Federation and National Wildlife Federation.

Contact senators McCain and Flake.


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