McIntyre’s Words of Wisdom

Start 2014 with a smile: Read the post I’ve linked below. This is how John McIntyre introduces himself to students in his copy editing class each semester. McIntyre is the night content production manager at the Baltimore Sun and a wise and funny sage of the editing trade. If reading his prose tempts you to follow him on Facebook or become a devotee of his blog, give in to temptation. You will never regret reading anything he writes.

Day One, by John McIntyre.


5 thoughts on “McIntyre’s Words of Wisdom

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  1. No wonder you like him. I wish you could take his class ~ not because you need it, but because you’d love being there.

  2. This wry comment had me laughing out loud: “My manner and sense of humor may not be to your taste. That is not a course requirement.”

    I’m sure you can name a few writers who could benefit from his teaching, Julie, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see my name on the list! 😉

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